Thursday, 3 February 2011

Little rays of sunshine...

 My 'Stargazers' have sailed away to a new home
 The beginnings of a new collagraph plate
Only wish I could do a couple of test prints... Norman has almost finished getting the press up and ready, now I just need some press blankets.
Anyone know where I can get some at a reasonable price....? Second hand would be OK.   Please leave a message or email me if you know of any.  I've been quoted £370.00 + vat + postage...which is way way too much.  
The overall size of the press bed is 137 x 87.. I know... it's large, hence the huge cost of the blankets.  So any alternative ideas welcome...

The sun is trying to shine this morning...


  1. Every day the sun is gonna be a bit stronger,
    love your stargazers!

  2. Good luck with the search for press blankets Julie. My little ones cost an arm and a leg from Lawrences but your size is much larger. I am sure there must be second hand ones available. I bet you are excited that it is almost ready.

    That poem by CR always makes me cry. So sad to lose a dear friend.

  3. I only took one class of print making and don't even remenber what the blankets look like .
    Could you make one of the blankets ?

  4. Hi Julie I use old grey army blankets with some felt( craft not press felt) underneath .Always worked for collagraphs with me.I think Great Art does cheaper than Lawrence. OOOH the anticipation !


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