Sunday, 6 February 2011

The vintage mobile cinema bus...

...Came to town
It has been a wonderful bright and very windy day today, we had our grandson over to play while his Mama and Papa were busy at a wedding fair with 'Molly' their VW camper van which they run as a wedding car, here in
We walked down to the Railway Station pub car park to see this amazing mobile cinema. A young chap called Oliver brought it for about £1200 in a pretty terrible state and with a little help from his partner and a great deal of money it now has a new lease of life.... and wonderful it is too.. Have a look at this YouTube link... Amazing...Do have a look I guarantee that you will enjoy it.. The vintage mobile cinema bus YouTube link
They also have a facebook page....  here
Grandpa Norman and Reu.... Our beautiful and best grandson...(we only have the one)  The cinema..... and the special scooter!
And lastly their website... here
My only regret is that we hadn't booked seats to see the old news real films that they were showing... So off to feed the swans and the sea gulls down the river front...


  1. lovely post - love the love bus xx

  2. Thanks for posting this bus cinema Julie! What a stupendously marvellous thing it is! :))

  3. How clever Oliver is to construct such a working vechicle. I would love to see one of the old films. Lovely to see you with your little granson looks like he is having fun.

  4. cinema mobile!! I love that! :D


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