Tuesday, 30 June 2015

It's been a while..

Besides being without a computer for a month I've been busy.. 
 Working on a new project with my lovely friend Juliet Lockheart.. 
A collaborative project. So exciting.. These are my 1st sketches...

Saturday, 30 May 2015


“What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.”
Werner Heisenberg 
 Megan, how I see and question in oils on cardboard..

Thursday, 21 May 2015

~ Couples ~ Strandline paintings ~ Cornwall.

All set in and around Cornwall.
'The artist and the lobster catcher..'
This group of work, which I'm sure will grow was inspired by a film and a book by the artist, author and film maker Jane Darke. The painting above is a tribute to Jane and her late husband Nick Darke, actor, film maker and lobster catcher.
 'The potter and the artist..'
 'Lovers on a Sunday walk..'
'Waiting patiently..'
  The four paintings that are finished.. Wall easels not set up very well, apologizes for that..

Friday, 1 May 2015

A postcard for Grumbledad

 Megan Clarke.
'Megan - A postcard for Grumbledad'
Megan is a lovely new friend from Penryn, she is an artist and film maker and often shows her work at our lovely Fannie and Fox Gallery.. She has been corresponding with her granddad otherwise known as Grumbledad for the past five years. Many of their letters have included a small sketch.Which is how this all began.

To celebrate her granddad and their love for each other she has organized an exhibition of both their 'letters' in a delightful local cafe in Penryn called Howl.

So, Megan asked everyone to join in and create their own 'postcard' which will be sent to Grumbledad as a surprise..
Here is how I started, firstly it's on a bit of mount-board, which was the first thing that came to hand, the first sketch is a bit rough but it only took a couple of minutes.  I then painted over it in a clear gesso to seal the cardboard, the pencil lines still show through.. I then roughed out the painting in acrylics, sadly I forgot to take a photo at that point.
Then with the heat in my studio (yes the sun was shining unlike this morning) the acrylics were drying out far too quick so I decided to go over it in oils.. When it was dry, I cut it down to postcard size..

I gave it to Megan yesterday, and I'm happy to say she was thrilled.

Update... Here is Megan at her exhibition, posing with her portrait.. 

Sunday, 12 April 2015


It's four weeks now since we watched the film.

I picked it up in Falmouth Library because I liked the title, knowing nothing of the history we watched and were transported onto the north Cornish coast.

The film was called. 'The wrecking season' by Nick and Jane Darke. 

Since then I've read 'Held by the Sea' by Jane Darke. If ever there was a book written for someone who has lost (a strange term but this morning I can't think of a better one) someone they love dearly this is the book to read. Not all of those crappy bereavement books that people seem to think are the right thing to give you. This book is the one to read or give to someone who needs it. I wish I had had it 13 years ago, it would have helped. It has helped.
This wonderful writer is so eloquent in the way she describes the total isolation that you feel even with your family around you.

We have since watched 'The art of Catching Lobsters' by Jane Darke. With silent tears flowing down our cheeks.

I now have a hundred and one paintings twirling and swirling around along the strandlines in my head..