Monday, 27 June 2016

'Iconic women'.. 'Female icons'...

A few weeks ago a young lady brought two of my brooches. 
She has some dexterity problems and is not able to attach them herself and she asked me if I ever made necklaces as they would be easier for her to wear.. 
So I gave it a try.. And here are the first results.. 

On Saturday I was wearing one and a young guy came up to me and said... 
'' I love that icon necklace your wearing lady''.. 

So the design name was found just that I'm not sure whether to call them 
'Iconic women' or 'Female icons'.. Decisions decisions...

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Business card box...

 This week to distract me from the UK 'Brexit' vote.
I played with the idea of making a business card box
This is the finished box..
And here are a couple of photo's of the work in progress.
Just a little sad that I didn't take any earlier in the  process for you to see..
Papier mache
Recycled card, telephone directories and a lick of acrylic paint.
.. And a little gold leaf of course..

Thursday, 2 June 2016

The first woman to use 'Collagraph'.. Maybe...?

I came across this wonderful print-maker and just had to share.. Enjoy...

Sheila Robinson 
Artist and Print-maker

Born in Nottingham, 1925, Robinson attended the art school there prior to training at the Royal College of Art, London. 

Sheila Robinson called her work cardboard cut's.. She was an accomplished printmaker and taught printing for many years in London, but she made her 'cardboard cut's' her own..

Sheila Robinson - Collagraph

Here is a link from Fishink an interview with Chloe Cheese talking about her parents Bernard Cheese and Sheila Robinson. Enjoy...
Chloe Cheese talking about her mother Sheila Robinson her father Bernard Cheese

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Bluebells and Mermaids rings..

I'm getting ready for 
... together with the rest of the Fannie & Fox artists.
I've painted a few oil studies of bluebells and mermaids rings on recycled board.
'Study in blue and yellow'
(6"x 6" mounted on standard 10"x 10" mountboard)

'First bluebells'
(6"x 6" mounted on standard 10"x 10" mountboard)
'A jar of memories'
(6"x 6" mounted on standard 10"x 10" mountboard)  

Come along and join us at Enys House. Penryn, Nr Falmouth this coming weekend.  
It's going to be an amazing weekend lots of artists and crafts people to meet.
The house is amazing and the gardens are spectacular.. 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Just a little sketch..

My grandson whilst on the train from Falmouth to Truro the other day.. 
I was just captured by his far away look and all I had was a tiny note book 10cm by 6cm.. Not an easy task for someone who likes to work on big bits of paper.