Monday, 16 June 2014

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!!!

I went to bed early on Friday and took my note book and pen.. Stupid woman that I am fell asleep with the lid off and black ink permanently stained my lovely cotton bedlinen. How I muttered... And some. Even more muttering after I'd washed them.. What a mess!!
So with India flint in mind I patched over the black ink.. The duvet was too big to maneuver on the machine so hand sewing it had to be..
I might even try dyeing them at a later date, with the help of my daughter and one of her amazing books.
Two hours work and I love my patched duvet.. I love the rough edges and my uneven sewing.. Best of all I love the way it's crinkled.. More patching on the way I think..

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sketchclub, Falmouth.

Our brief this week was to draw hair... Some had more than others, I tried to 'capture' the person instead.
I don't get to the Wednesday meetings very often as my granddaughter's appointments at the hospital quite often collide. But I did manage to get there this week, I didn't get a lot done... Too much chatting. Nothing unusual there then....
Ray's of sunshine in my rented Cornish garden.
Some good news soon about 'our' house.. Soon.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I'm thrilled with my charity shop finds..

A beautiful hand thrown bowl from Porthleven a bargain at just £5, Two adorable egg cosie's, knitted so beautifully for just 10p each. An emu knitting gauge reminded me of my mum, and a bell knitting gauge - I have a plan for this, all will be revealed later in the year.. And a row counter that was so cute I had to have it..

Monday, 2 June 2014

There is a new scuptor on the horizon..

My grandson Reu made these for my birthday the other day.. He has been looking at Antony Gormley's Field at school and has been totally inspired.. Treasured forever..