Thursday, 9 September 2010

What a clever old girl

A new Shop!! be exact.

I have just opened myself a bigcartel shop. It has taken me all day to work out the most simple of things how to get it linked to my blog. I am so dense sometimes... It must be my age.

So I emailed the bigcartel, and a lovely lady called Karen was there to help... Me being me, still couldn't work it out...doh!  A few more emails... And a bit of brain work...Ouch!  What I would call joining up the dots so to speak... And I've done it.  Drum roll please.....Just one item in it so far...
(From my 'Sail boats and Theatricals' series)
...But hey, that's another computing thingy that I've learnt.  Wonders will never cease.  I am hoping that it will be simpler for me to use than Etsy... we shall see.

*Apparently the paypal sorts out the currency exchange rates.. Job done! Hurrah...Sweet dreams everyone. Good night.


  1. Hi Julie, trying again to leave a comment, it didn;t work earlier! Congratulations on opening your shop. I have on the top of the list to open a bigcartel shop. I've heard its a little easier than Etsy. With school just begun, however, these lists get a bit more delayed.
    Good luck with your shop! :]

  2. Julie....

    Congrats..Learning something new everyday is a way to keep the mind young and creativity alive.


  3. Congrats on the New shop and for leaping over the hurdle...

  4. Congratulations, good luck with the new shop :)

  5. How amazing and beautiful your art is!!!

  6. Oh I know the feeeling I have paid for the cartel shop but DAHHH I have not done I thing with it !!

  7. Yay!! congrats! wish you many sales in your new shop Julie.

  8. Hi Julie,

    I love your stargazers! What is the link to your new shop on bigcartel? Please let me know when you have a chance.

    Thanks D ; )

    (Dena from the workshop at evbstudiohome.)

  9. Hallo Julie.glad Im not the only one that struggles with such things!!!whats this cartel shop new one on me!!! still getting around to the etsy/folksy day! Love your blog,like opening a really interesting magazine!!!print fair going well,will contact later re. our labelling discussion!


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