Saturday, 11 September 2010

A poem for a print maker

A collograph can make you laugh
An etching's rather fetching.
An aquatint makes an A1 print
For those adept at sketching.
Now wood is good
When the cut runs true
And lino's fine, oh yes.
Potato cuts just drive me nuts
For I love to make a mess.
                                 Anna Scott

* Note I wrongly credited this wonderful poem to Marja-leena-Rathje, I appologise, it was her friend Anna Scott who wrote it.


  1. "Potato cuts just drive me nuts
    For I love to make a mess"

    Love these two lines! So true!


  2. Hahaha! This is just great and certainly what I needed to hear... so I'm not the only one driven nuts by certain cuts? Good to know.
    As always, enjoying your blog.
    Candace, Still in Athens.

  3. Love the poem, love making a mess.

  4. Hi Julie, I just discovered your lovely blog and have been browsing. Pleasantly surprised to see my name here, and this wonderful poem. How ever did you find it?! I remember it well as it was written for me by a dear blogger friend, Anna Scott, who deserves all the credit.

    I'm enjoying your glimpses of London for that brings back memories of our wonderful visit there last year. All the best in your art making!


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