Thursday, 16 September 2010


Yesterday we made a trip to London, to the Inner Temple Law Courts, what an amazing place, you go through the gates and you are in a different country, it felt like a city within a city, what amazing architecture, and what an amazing history, it all dates back to the middle of the twelth centuary, and the knights Templar.
After our three hour meeting, (That's a another story and a very long one) we were mentally exhausted so we walked along the Embankment.
The sun was shining and the Thames looked beautiful.
We walked along to cross the river at Blackfriars Bridge.
I noticed these little darlings on one of the pillars, my eyes are not that good but these lovely birds caught my eye, they were just sitting there gently holding up the bridge.
On we walked...Walking past Tate Modern.. (more in a moment..) 
To.. 'Intagllio', a print makers supply shop, situated at no 62 Southwark Bridge Road SE1 OAT just a short walk from the Tate....I had a lovely time, kid in a sweetshop says it all. I only spent ....well....Inks are expensive, and these can be cleaned up with just soap and water, a more eco friendly ink... That's how I justify the expense, I will let you know how I get on with them at a later date.

My little stash..
Then back to Tate Modern to see a free exhibition  'Material Gestures'   here is the blurb...

At the heart of this wing is a room devoted to painting and sculpture from the 1940s and 1950s, showing how new forms of abstraction and expressive figuration emerged in post-war Europe and America. The surrounding displays suggest affinities between the radical innovations of this era and the work of earlier artists, but also show the legacy of those ideas among contemporary practitioners who have continued to develop the language of art in new and unexpected ways.

This was one of my favorites it is by a artist called Judit reigle and it is called 'Guano'.

My other favorite was a Jackson Pollock called 'Summer'.

Do take a look at the Tate Modern website.. 

By 4 o'clock we were feeling tired, so headed back on the underground to catch out train home, it had been a long day...a good positive one... just reeling from the cost of two tickets to London... £95.60...Ouch!

I am now off to the framers to pick up my work and some mounts that I've had cut for the Open Studio...


  1. I love London too - thanks for sharing your highlights - and info on print shop x

  2. I love this area of London. This sounds the perfect day.


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