Sunday, 19 September 2010

Barn raising... well Studio raising

Father and son... working together.. Special moments.

While my 'boys' where building the studio yesterday, I was busy with my 'Open Studio', I had quite a few visitors, I've had a great time meeting some wonderful people and seeing some old friends who also popped by to see what I've been up to.   

I've set up a tiny printing area for those that would like to have a go, which has proved to be a great success.  It was so lovely to see the 'artists' proudly taking home their mono-prints...

The good news is I've sold several pieces including three prints, which means that I have covered my costs at the printers and the frames which I brought.  Phew! that was a relief, framing is not cheap!   

So today if I make a sale I shall be in profit, that's if you don't count materials, paper, fabric, thread, ink, paint,...etc..etc... not forgetting my hourly rate....Oh!.. do I qualify for an hourly rate if I'm an artist?... One day perhaps.

I will post more photo's of the Open Studio next week, an some more on the barn/studio's progress.... It's so big, it looked much smaller on paper.


  1. glad its going well! your studio looks like its going to be wonderful what a spot!

  2. Exciting that you'll have a studio, Julie... and I bet it looks huge now, but when you get in there with your stuff it will shrink and seem cozy! At least that's how it was for me. Hope you make a profit that includes paying you for some of your time!

  3. Hi Julie,

    thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Do post more photos of your open studio, I've never had the bottle to do that myself :)
    I don't think I'll ever be that organised!

  4. Fabulous ... you are making such quick progress.. I am so pleased for you.. you will Love it, I know!!!

  5. qualify for an hourly rate.... I once heard that the artist's carrier is the only one that doesn't automatically come with a paycheck! Happy to read your open studio was a success! -J


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