Monday, 20 September 2010

Open studio.. The long enstallment...

As I have said before, my studio is tiny, it is in the box room..... 
So breath in...... It's going to be a tight fit...
Paintings hung along the landing...then up the stairs we go.
some visitors struggled, but all managed the climb. 
(Some needing to be resuscitated at the top)
Then into the studio... floor first... 
Please notice that it's been hoovered!
I don't suppose that it will be done again until the next Open Studio weekend in a fortnight's time. I am not a good house keeper......just the necessities.
 My little Victorian book press... which someone pointed out was dusty in places....You can't win them all.
I even use the window to display prints... like a washing line... No wasted space in this tiny studio.
Then the long work surface where I set up a little mono printing area, which turned out to be a great success here are two prints that I managed to salvage.
My niece Lucy, did this one.
Her little bird he looks as if he has a letter in his mouth or maybe it's a book..?  I love it and will treasure it forever.

Lucy is of to Norwich next week to study English Literature...Good luck sweetheart.
Adrienne did this one
I can't remember if she said it was meant to be me or her, needless to say whoever it is, I love it.
( I hope I have spelt your name right sweetheart)
As for sales, I covered all of my costs, which is good, the bill from the framer, the frames which I brought, and the cost of entering the Open Studio event... which covers advertising, administration, posters and booklets.

There was also enough left for me to buy a sketch by a local artist, Emma Cameron, I have admired her work from afar and coveted one of her paintings for a long time.
Emma had some small sketches for sale.... this is the one I chose.
close up detail

Do have a look at her website

I have had such a lovely weekend meeting many artists, aspiring artists, and people that are just curious about what 'we' get up to, in our studio's...Not forgetting my wonderfull friends who always turn out, come rain or shine.

It is also tiring, to tell you the truth, I'm exhausted .. too much talking...some might say. 
I am also thrilled to now be the proud owner one of Emma's wonderful sketches.. How I wish that I had bought another.......

Now it's back to reality... Acupuncture this afternoon... long needles stuck in my neck.. what a fun life I lead...


  1. Thanks for sharing open studio - looks amazing and very interesting - hopefully i will get there for the Oct Opening

  2. I love the photo of the window - heads and figures on the sill and prints hanging on the line... such a classic studio shot, though when work is seen out and about in galleries, its so slick.... how we live with it is so much more intimate.....

  3. I think your studio is a great little space : ) My art studio is also pretty small and take advantage of any spare space there is : )

  4. Your studio space may be small, but it is incredibly interesting. Glad that the studio tour went so well for you.


  5. How wonderful to see! Wish I had been there!

  6. so interesting, to see where we work...
    tells of who we are in a very specific way

    i liked this very much...thank you!

  7. I loved the chance to see your studio, it would have been great to visit in person. I find it fascinating to see other people's work spaces, to see the work in progress and to get inspiration for making my own space better. Thank you, and I hope the next one goes as well.


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