Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Just playing with mono print today


  1. Wow that looks great. good idea Julie.
    And thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog.

    I needed a break from the blog for a while, I am working on my creamic trolls, I want to sell them to garden affairs around Sweden and Denmark, and to get started I need to make a lot of them to show of.
    Also I am working putting up a scandinavian creative network. I am sooo busy.
    If I have to keep up with the blog surfing and writing too I will get stressed.

    It sounds so great with the open studio Julie. I should come and visit you, you live so near me. I hope for a trip to the UK next year. And then I will come if you make me one cup of british tea ;-)

    Hugs to you my friend

  2. Hey Julie,

    When you have time, check out this printmaker! His work is totally awesome!!! I know you would enjoy this!



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