Thursday, 1 October 2015

Slow food.. Sloe gin..

Autumn harvest.. Sloe gin.. 
Delicious on cosy winter evenings with wood burner lit, curtains closed tight and a good book. Perfect.
 We collected the sloes from the bushes along the riverbank in Penryn, a hop skip and a jump from where we live.. When the tide comes up they get a wash in the river Fal..
 This is the path we had to walk along to get the sloes.  
When the tide comes up the path disappears.. As will the sloe gin.

 And just look at the 'arks' that lie along the edge of the pathway..
 This was my favorite it looks like a children's toy from the V&A children's museum.. 
By for now must concentrate and get some work done today. But, blackberries are calling...


  1. I've heard of sloe gin, but never seen it here. Not to say that it doesn't exist though!

    1. It is delicious and very easy to make. Why not give it a try. It's great to give as Christmas gifts too.


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