Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Icons.. A distraction technique.

 Well here I go with yet another distraction.. I've started working on another commission, a double portrait of a very artistic couple from Totnes but, the 'can I do this/I can't do this' gremlins got to me yesterday.
 So as a distraction, which is my favorite technique, I started on a short series of 4 tiny icons which will go to the gallery Fannie & Fox in Penryn, Cornwall.. I had already made up the little papier mache shapes, they had been sitting in my basket for some weeks patiently waiting for the idea to arrive..
 They are made from papier mache then a mix of gesso and whiting to give me that absorbent surface which I so love.. The paint is acrylic.
This last photo was taken late at night, sitting on top of my latest read to give you all some idea of size.. The book is 'Of Bees and Mist' by Eric Setiwan.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Sarah, hope all is well with you on Gozo..

  2. These are wonderful, Julie - I just love them!

    1. A work in progress at the moment Sharmon, my husband is just making little icon frames for them as I type.

  3. I think sometimes we need a distraction when there's a major project in the works - it seems to help your mind to quietly think about the big project. In the meantime I like your icons!


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