Saturday, 26 September 2015

I should be doing a thousand other things but..

Christmas angels were calling.. 
Some chose dresses and some wanted coats.. 'it's cold this time of year' they said. 
With shoes and boots painted, some chose stripey tights.. Busy, busy, busy.. 
Candles,stars and hearts, some called 'I have letters to post'...
Then they all chorused.. 'We need crowns'.. 'Golden crowns please'.

Full colour next update.. 


  1. they are looking amazing - can't wait for update xx

  2. Sometimes those thousand other things just need to be set aside in favour of making your heart happy. I suspect these might have done that for you, and I'm glad.

    1. I'm illustrating a book for a friend at the moment, frustrating and exciting at the same time.. Must focus this week and finish and get them in the post. Then there is the question of how to post 10 large paintings...


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