Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Drawing at the Falmouth Pavilion..

First off, a quick 2 minute sketch working around the sketch book. Love working this way..
 Then the plants, I have no idea what this plant is called,
 but it was like a lot of waggling tongues.
 This is the base of it.. Charcoal this time. A bit of artistic license here happened, I think. Doesn't look quite right to me. Still learning after all these years.. Look and look again should be my motto.
 Then looking up into the roof.. 
I'm in love, and will return many times to this wonderful place and it's gardens..


  1. So glad you found some time to feed your creative being xxx

  2. From your sketches Falmouth seems like a wonderful place to visit. I'm going to google it to see if I can find some photos to drool over. Have a great weekend.

  3. These are beautiful -- mostly because they reflect YOU -- I wouldn't worry about them looking 'perfect' - leave that to cameras. Draw what you see, what you remember and then of course share it with us. *smile*

  4. your sketches have life in them.

  5. I love the sketch of the pavilion :D


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