Monday, 21 April 2014

Only in Falmouth... Continued.... Moleskin sketches..

This young man took my eye, with his dreads tucked up under his enormous hat..
As I got my eye in, his hat slipped once again hiding his sparkly eyes.. 
The man on the right is watching me whilst I'm, watching him..
 I couldn't resist this lady with her down turned mouth.. 
Everyone else was smiling. I don't think she was having a good time..
 Then there was the dancers.. They kept moving.. Much more practice needed..


  1. Oh how lovely to be able to sketch like that. I have no capability in that area - so must just keep the images in my mind for later rememberance.

  2. How I wish I could draw! It must be such fun to be able to just sit and quickly sketch something and be able to capture the essence of it before it's gone.

  3. Great sketches, Julie! I think it's very difficult to sketch people who aren't posing; it's hard enough to sketch them when they are!


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