Sunday, 9 February 2014

Maud... and 'seasnow' in Cornwall

I'm still here... Things are a little tough, but Maud is doing OK, she has just had 4:6 of her treatments, Here she is trying to get Julienana's glasses back into the glasses case just before her treatment on Friday.. Wearing her new cardi, it's about all the creativity I manage at the moment, knitting whilst wiling away the hours with Maud and Nicole at the hospital.. It's surprising what you can make with 3 odd balls from a charity shop and a few odd buttons that are the best part of 30 years old.. Recycling I've been doing it for donkey's years without realizing it..

We have had some amazing storms here lately, this was Gunwalloe, Church Cove Beach yesterday morning at high tide.
  The beach and the sea looked as if  it were all made of marshmallows
 Or meringue?

  Look into the distance, those are not white cliffs..

The natural world never ceases to amaze me..

I think blogger is going a little peculiar, this post is typed in upper and lower case Ariel font, but is showing a mix of capitals... Very strange...


  1. Love the cardi! Pictures won't enlarge either. Hope the storms have died down, we are very windy here. xxx

  2. OH..sending much support through the ethers.

  3. I had a darling little redhead like that 32 years ago!!!She's beautiful. Hope she's going from strength-to-strength. Love Grandma's Cardi too. I can't believe you posted today, Julie because I found the envelope today which you sent 'Beautiful' to me in when I was looking for an envelope to post something in and it still had your old address on it. Could you send me your new one?Always great to 'see' you and those pics of the stormy seas are wonderful. Hugs to the Bubba. x

  4. Hope things are going well with little Maud, she looks a little sweetie. I know it must be hard on you and your family at this present time. Keep strong and maybe when the spring is here things will be better.
    Your photos are amazing just hope the water levels don't rise any more......xx

  5. Maud is so utterly adorable, as is her sweater. So many good thoughts are underway for her.

  6. Your project is beautiful. and so is Maud. what a wild vista you have there.. Nature in all she has to give.

  7. So lovely to see this beautiful little girl, and all dressed up in her new sweater. Sending you as much strength as possible through the airways.

  8. So glad that Maud is receiving such great care :) Love her little sweater too!


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