Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Studio, clear up, here I come..

(I live in hope....)
This is my studio in our rented house here in Cornwall, not the best in the world but large and serviceable for the time being until we finally find a home. It's taking much longer to find one than we anticipated.. But hey, with Maud being so poorly perhaps it's for the better.
Yesterday was the first time that I managed to get into the studio since early December.. And the mess.. Who could I blame.... No one but myself!
This is my work bench, so full of clutter, even my trusty Bernina is fighting for space.  I have had some school trousers to patch for my grandson, they have been waiting for weeks so I  am happy to say that is one job finished.. A small accomplishment I know but at the moment I am pleased to have achieved that. 

Now I intend to service my lovely 801 Sport and look after her a little better.. She is over 30 years old and I wouldn't swap her for the world..

Keep sending me your lovely messages.... 
 I love them all.
Thank you, my lovely blogging friends you
are helping to keep me sane at this moment in time.


  1. Hi Julie glad to see you have still got your spirit going. Why not keep a jar of happenings for the time Maud is poorly. Every day write a note just a few words of how you feel. Put them in the jar and don't look at them until you need or want to. Date the note so you know where in your journey it was. xx

  2. Happy studio clean up Julie. It looks like there is a lovely light there.

  3. Oh wouldn't it be fun if I lived nearby and could pop over and help you organize -- we would have a lovely time with I suspect a lot of laughter.

  4. Such a good idea .. I will do it.. Might be good to look back on, to realize how far we have come with her treatment.. My memory jar.. Thank you Joan.. I needed that.xxx

  5. I think beginning the year with an organized studio is a great idea - too bad I wouldn't follow my own advice. As for finding a house - it will come when it is meant to. Right now you need to spend your time elsewhere and having to pack up and move would be just too much.

  6. Hope that your little grandbaby is improving-- Best wishes to you and your family for 2014 :)

  7. I am pulling for the sweet little one and everyone else that is trying to cope. It takes a lot of strength.
    Seeing your sewing machine and your art supplies and workspace feels good. Things that are necessary for an artists creative spirit and sanity.
    Take care. xo

  8. 'angel' love to you and your family xxxx holding you all close
    love your studio pictures xx

  9. Hi Julie, I haven't visited blogland for a long time,
    you'll have to post photos of your studio as you get
    organized, so I can get some organizational ideas!
    The supplies in mine overwhelm me, the problem is,
    I get a lot of inspiration from "my stuff", I like to see it,
    if it's put away in a box or a drawer, I forget what I have.
    I was sad to read about your grand baby, I 'm not sure
    what's going on, but you said it turned your world upside down.
    That makes me sad, and I said a prayer.


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