Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I've joined Falmouth Sketch Club .

Met the most amazing people, Was introduced to them all, and promptly forgot their names, except for the lady who runs it, Eve Bourrat and a lovely young girl called Lorna. 
It was run as a series of quick exercises followed by a longer sketching session.
First 'lesson' 2 minutes sketching without taking pen off of paper..
Then another 2 minute sketch, this time the view out side, we could only use horizontal lines for this one. Note the obvious mistake, I instantly fell into doing it wrong! This would you believe is the view from the cafe.. Gyllyngvase beach. Please feel free to use your imagination.
Second 'lesson' divide the page in half draw the same thing, Lorna and I chose the ladies sitting opposite. My half is on the right and Lorna's is on the left..
Then a longer sketching session, about 15 or so minutes, once again I concentrated on the other artists sitting opposite. All deep in concentration.

Then a 10 minute sketch of the beach. The flags are for the surfers, life guards put them out on the beach to show where it's safe for the surfers to go out.. As you can see they were not in use today, not a wave or ripple in sight this morning.
My last quick sketch of the day.. What a great morning, so good to get my pens and pencils out and unpack a sketch book.
Falmouth Sketch Club link..

After all that hard work a leisurely walk around the charity shops of Falmouth.. There's treasure in them their shops, I say...  Another time.

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