Thursday, 19 September 2013

Falmouth sketch club.. Week 2

This week 
welcomed us all to draw the new 'Art Masters' exhibition.
First sketch 2 minutes without looking at paper
Another 2 minute sketch without looking at the paper, boy this is painful. But I love the results, a way forward for me perhaps?

Next exercise 6 x 2 minute sketches
We had to look at the paintings, and produce a recognisable image with a few simple marks. I chose to look at the shapes. If you look at drawing no:6 it might give you an idea of what my second drawing should have looked like.
Our lovely Eve Bouratt is such a task master..
Lastly a 30 minute sketch, I chose a self portrait by Francis Hewlett, needs a little adjustment here and there but OK, quite a difficult task to draw a painting.

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