Friday, 6 September 2013

Found another sweetheart..

Let me rephrase....  I was struggling up a very, very steep hill on the way to see my son, and stopped to catch my breath, looked down and there it was..
This is what eventually, we got to see, our son launch the canoe he made from scratch in only two days.. Basic and small but perfectly formed, and best of all water tight.
Falmouth Harbor


  1. How fun! Hopefully he won't try to fill his little boat as you always fill your creative ones.

  2. You will soon have a very healthy heart and nimble pins!!! Love the hearts x J

  3. Oh now you're just showing off, Julie. lol x
    Your boy is a very clever lad. Did he make it all by himself?
    Have a great weekend. x
    ps thanks for the link to The Hermitage blog. What a fascinating story and she sounds like a fascinating lady.


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