Saturday, 7 September 2013

Update on work table, and there's Saffron buns for tea...

This is what my work table looks like... A bit of a car crash really, progressing slowly.

Not having my studio unpacked is a pain in bum, I don't know where all my stuff is..!!! Which is extremely frustrating.  So, work is happening at a very different pace at the moment.

I also keep getting sidetracked by visits to amazing beaches which is so hard..(If you believe that you'll believe anything.)  Or I get whisked away to view houses.  Estate agents 'talk' is the bain of my life, Hey! Ho! I'm sure that it will all be worth it, I'm in Cornwall after all. Hurrah!

Then my need to nurture took over this morning and I attempted my very first batch of Cornish Saffron Buns, the shape has a lot to be desired but the taste, excellent. They are very simple to make, give them a go, for a taste of Cornwall. To buy them from the bakers cost per bun is roughly £1.20p each, I made these for approximately £0.30p each. Frugal living can taste good. Great for lunch boxes, if they last that long....

Looking down on the village where I now live,Constantine, this view is just a few minutes from the bungalow we have rented whilst we look for a 'home' here in Cornwall.

My other not so insignificant news...
Me thinks I'd better not each too many saffron buns..


  1. The work-table looks like a whole lot of pinwheels, but I can see that they are really birds. The buns look good - I can almost smell them (or is that the smell of the pumpkin butterscotch coffee cake I've just baked in anticipation of studio visitors tomorrow?)
    Cornwall looks lovely - like a place I'd like to visit someday!

  2. Well done and you are doing more walking - all those trips to beaches exploring your new abode. xJ

  3. Your photo of the lane reminds me of when we used to walk into Perrinporth from Rose Hill holiday park. We stayed there in our old V W campervan and have many happy memories of the area.
    Those buns look very nice.......xx

  4. Just think of all the inspiration you're getting from the 'amazing beaches' - because one day soon you'll be settled and unpacked and ready to explore your new home with your artwork. Oh and those buns look delicious.

  5. What a lovely and green landscape, Julie. As for your saffron buns, they look delish. I agree, I would rather bake or prepare something in my own kitchen also. Frugal? Yes, but let's face it, they taste so much better. Should send you recipes from my own box...make Mexican Wedding cookies and this little bit of heaven, called, "Biscochitos." I make them at Christmas and are usually gone right away!! LOL

    Have a lovely week.


  6. The cornish saffron buns look lovely xx very impressive sticker in the last photo - well done xx


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