Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My new studio. And Cornish cottages.

This is my new temporary studio in one of the most beautiful part of the country.  It is in the conservatory, the only place that I could claim with good light.. There are the most beautiful tree's all around and good light is at a premium, so I have made my 'home' is here for the time being whilst we house hunt.
So here is what is on my old school chemistry lab desk.. (It weighs a ton, but was going free when I worked at the high school in Brightlingsea, the removal men were surprised when they tried to lift it) .  Cornish inspired cottages which will become brooches in the fullness of time.  I think that I might put some of those zigzag hangers on the back of a couple to see what they are like, but might be a little small for a wall, one to think about.
 Also 3 ladies in waiting, which still need some work.
I just wanted to share my Truro, charity shop find.. £1.00 for a complete unused set of Designers gouache, original price over £15.00.  What a bargain, just one problem I don't use them, perhaps it's time to start..


  1. lovely to see your new little works xx and studio

  2. A lovely.light,bright,optimistic post. Serious 'Cornwall' jealousy going on up here!!Loving the little cottages and the new ladies. x

  3. Sweet temporary studio.. and I love the little cottages. I require my design students to buy the Primary Windsor Newton Gouache set for my class, its the most expensive thing in the kit and they gulp when they hear how much the kit costs! Definitely use the paint - a great find!

  4. LOve the cottages! But how about a row of them affixed to narrow wooden dowel. Then they will be enough for a wall? Or box frame and a backgound GOUACHE painting? Raining here, Cherry tomorrow. Look out Leigh On Sea :-) Luv J

  5. Congratulations to your new home! I wish you all the luck and happiness you can think of. You work is beautiful as ever. The paints are a bargain, indeed, and they are fantastic, I own a number of these and love to work with them. I wish I could buy them in my paint shop, but they are hardly available over here. So please go ahead and try them! They won't last forever. There are components in this paint that will clod after a few years. Even in closed tubes.

  6. I so love your little houses!!! You should have a canvass with some of your little houses stuck on it and it would be an extraordinary piece to hang on the wall!


    PS: I still haven't forgotten our print for doll dress idea, are you still up for it?


  7. Lovely to see you are up and running again in the art world......
    And with lots of creative inspiration from the Cornish landscape.
    Lucky you for finding those paints. I have not used Gouache in my art work yet, but i know its a must to have.
    Love those little cottages!!

    Good luck on the housing front.

  8. I too love your cottages. I'm working on a few myself right now. Your 'place' is lovely -- very inspiring work area!

  9. It doesn't take you long to get back into the swing of things and fulfill your artistic nature.. Looks so good... Can't keep a good woman down!!!


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