Friday, 30 August 2013

Inspirational standing stones..

Our son has returned from Essex, we are thrilled to have him safely home once again. Last evening, we took him to Gunwallow beach at Church Cove our 'new nearest' beach  and one that he hadn't visited before.. It was a glorious evening with the sun setting as the last of the holiday makers were packing up...
As we walked along the beach I couldn't help but record the standing stone sculptures left by the children or maybe their parents? I hope that they took their own photo's they looked quite wonderful in the evening sunshine.
I have fallen in love with this place and enjoy walking here at the end of a long, house hunting day.  One might say, food for the soul... Must remember that when I'm struggling with my diet.. I'll tell you about that another time.

As we walked along the edge of the shoreline there were so many Jellyfish washed up by the morning tide, waiting patiently for the evening tide to arrive. Each one different and all so beautiful.. *Note to self... Don't pick them up!!!


  1. I think you have found your paradise Julie!......xx

  2. Hi Julie, House hunting can be very exhausting.. so glad you have a relaxing and soothing location to go to and fill your soul with energy.. and i know how you feel about having your son near again. Our son has gone off to his first year at Art school 2 hours away, so he lives away from home. oh how we miss him.

  3. I thought the first photo was indeed, the stones that I think are in Devon somewhere? Love seeing that, no, it was a small sculpture! The beach looks wonderful... and its such a blessing to really love where you live!

  4. last year we visited cornwall and st ives,
    i want to come back.....
    your pictures and story bring back positive memories

  5. So glad we can see your "New World" x J


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