Saturday, 17 August 2013

I've recycled an old cushion cover into a FREE high chair..Ta Da!

I've have been looking/hunting for a second hand high chair for Maud, but couldn't get hold of one, so googled travel high chair..  This is what come up.. A fabric one.. Fantastic I thought but what can I make it from without it costing anything.. So in my hunt, not many boxes opened since our move to Cornwall I found and have now recycled a piece of
fabric that I had made into a cushion for my girls bedroom over 30 years ago.  One hour or so later it's a recycled cushion cover made into improvised high chair for Maud. Cost zero!
Success! Maud loves it.. Well her lunch anyway not so sure about her travel high chair.

Find free pattern here.


  1. Julie, Cornwall looks like a great place to be creative... complete with grandchildren

  2. The sea air's obviously bringing out your creativity, Julie! Well done and Maud is beautiful. Have you tried 'Freecycle'? That's where I got my highchair.

  3. Darling and a great idea too! What could be a happier sight then a smiling baby girl (and her grandma)!!

  4. The chair looks amazing. I love the colour! online beds company UK


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