Monday, 28 January 2013

Once apon a time.. There was a teeny tiny coat..

Made by the artist who brought a very small white rabbit for her new grand-daughter Maud.
"Hi" said the little white rabbit, she was new to the artists studio and was a little scared, so she hid in the little paper house on the artists table. She had been living in the local book shop window down in the artists village... 
She was feeling a little shy... And a little chilly
She wanted to go on a journey but didn't have a coat. So she asked the artist to make her one, which of course she did. "And very fiddly it was too".. Said the artist
The artist custom made the coat to allow her tiny tail to peek out so that it didn't get squashed.
The little rabbit struggled to get it on. Phew! And had to have a sit down. Once she'd got the buttons done up, she popped her head around the door of the little paper house..
She said to the artists blog land friends..
"Ta Da.... Look at my new daisy coat"..  The little rabbit said.
"I shall soon be off on my journey to meet Maud, I hope that she likes me and my new coat". The little white rabbit smiled a sweet smile.. 
She waved her tiny paw and said
"Bye" And blew everyone a kiss.x
 ("I sound more and more like my mother every day, stories about rabbits and lazy daisy's on tiny coats....What next I ask?")


  1. I love that little coat so bright and happy and such a nice little white rabbit off to a new baby. I think we eventually all sound like our mothers, or perhaps our grandmothers, although I have to say it was my father who was the story teller in our family.

  2. How absolutely adorable - both the wee bunny, the sweater AND the story!

  3. Secretly I've always wanted a coat that I could poke my tail through! So Lovely x J

  4. You're in good company with tails|(tales) of little rabbits and new clothes!Love her new coat. I love the last pic too.Well done Julie. x

  5. oh its all lovely, the coat , the rabbit and the little hand--simply beautiful <3

  6. Oh my gosh, that is adorable!!

  7. Beautiful and made with love......xx

  8. I wanted to say adorable but MM beat me to it.. I love the whole thing!!

  9. Hi Julie, I'm catching up here and just learned that you have a lovely new granddaughter - congratulations! I love your little story and the little coat... such a grandmotherly gift/


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