Sunday, 3 February 2013

Heirloom project.. Continued..Then there was the journal..

'Theatrum Silentum Memorias'
The journal has given me the most problems, for one thing I am not a confident book maker and I have had to follow the method from a book on how to finish the binding.. Not easy with paper in one hand glue in the other, glasses on my head and the need to read the next part of the tutorial.. Which I found was not as straight forward as I'd hoped... So, drop everything, ...Rush up to the computer, google...Back to book... Glue in one hand paper in the other... What did it say on Youtube??? AAAAhhh!!!... Drop everything... Rush up to the computer...
The journal is called 'Theatrum Silentum Memorias'.
 It has very few words, and just nine tiny lino prints..
Infants shoe
Skull of pearls
 Heart amulet
Paper beads

Details of where the 'Heirloom project' can be seen together with more photographs of the completed project soon..


  1. That is just glorious, the journal is very good and I am in awe of you bookbinding that way. Although have a Professor Brainstawm image in my head of several pairs of glasses on your head whilst surrounded in a blizzard of paper.

  2. Am in awe such a lot of work looks brilliant x J

  3. Beyond Beautiful!...even with the truck you had with the binding!I don't suppose you could have printed out the instructions or was it a video tutorial?I think my favourite is the Skull of Pearls but that could change! Have a good week, Julie.x

  4. Speechless and heavy sighs - beautiful - well done Julie xxx

  5. Julie, So many skills are coming together in this project. It is fascinating. still love your skull.

  6. I went through that with paperclay - bring up the tutorial, get my hands all messy - 'hey slow down' - wipe hands - rush over to stop the video in progress - begin again. Your book is wonderful, can't wait to hear more.

  7. What an imaginative mind you have to produce such beautiful work.......xx

  8. I Love love love love love love it!!!!
    It is absolutely beautiful!


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