Thursday, 19 July 2012

The view from an imaginary window...

'Holiday cottage'
I'm rather pleased with this one.. reminds me of my holidays..
This is the actual view from my kitchen window.. Do you like the leaded glass - An ebay find £0.99p + postage , a bargain!  My hubby made up the wooden frame out of some old floorboards, a quick sand and a little bee's wax, perfect.  

*Notice behind my beautiful collection of 60's/70's kitch bud vases.. An acquired taste some would say...I just love them..
Mixer update.. Next to the window is my new heavy duty  Kitchenaid mixer... Long story.. Which I won't bore you with..bought 3 of the regular kitchenaid mixers from a local department store.. (not all at once I hasten to add) every one had a major fault and got returned. So I gave up and got this beauty.

I'm off to make me some wholemeal seedy bread...mmm..


  1. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

    Lovely painting :)

  2. Love the vases, Kitchenaid seem to be more concerned with how many colours they have on offer, rather than build quality!!! Lovely to see you last night xJ


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