Saturday, 14 July 2012

The tale behind ... 'Judgement Day'..

This picture came about in a dream I had about judgement day, strange I know, I had gone to bed reading the  'Rime of the ancient Mariner' ... That should explain my thought process..
 'Judgement Day'
..One thing led to another and while drawing out the figures in the little boat,  I thought I should include a judge...  A symbolic Jackdaw..
I have already completed two paintings about the tiles that I am thrilled to say have been shown in the Colchester Art Society Summer exhibition. Sadly they didn't sell.. Oh well the life of an artist.. Poor!

Family connections.... A little potted history..  'Tiles of tragedy', which are memorials to the parishioners of Brightlingsea who have lost their lives at sea.  There are 213 memorial tiles, each is a tile has a dedication and is placed in a frieze which runs around the nave wall of All Saints Church, Brightlingsea.  

My connection to them is that my husband Norman is a native of the town and is connected through his family tree to a couple of the tiles..  Click on the links for more info..

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