Thursday, 12 July 2012

'Small house' a 'car-boot find' aaand...

Tiny brooch... Must get my etsy up and running again, until then - email if your interested..
Needle point cushions found at the car boot £1 each... Such a bargain and so beautiful, all that work and sold for a pound, they're considered old fashioned at the moment, that's me, just old... I mean... Just old fashioned... Freudian slip.. Maybe?
..Lastly working/struggling with a new painting. The photo is not great, it has come out a bit lighter than the actual painting.. It is all a bit dark at the moment.. Subject and painting.. 
What is going on in my head????


  1. Julie! I love your painting in progress here...each face is wonderful to look the stripes too..wonderful work so far.

    What a sweet little brooch. :)

  2. What lovely finds. Your new work looks very interesting.......xx

  3. Weather, dull, dull, dull, what you see is what you paint ;-) If we have bright light bright colours simple in'it!! x J


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