Sunday, 22 January 2012

Week 3. On my work bench.....

On my work bench this morning a few more little darlings, work in progress.  I have really got into my stride and love making these little beauties.  I have even managed... Finally...Wait for it.... Drum roll please... get a couple into my etsy shop... ..
 What a phaff that is, I don't seem to get any better at doing it, or any quicker for that matter.
As promised last week... Some of my charity shop finds
 This book was first published in 1959, my copy was printed in 1967. I absolutely love it, the colours are amazing, and the illustrations have a very 70's feel to me, look at the man's coat.. Sargent Peppers and the Beetles comes to mind.
And what about these illustrations, the wedding is fantastic..
 This fish reminds me of those nail and string pictures I made at school during the '70's... Oh no....Showing my age again..
These two I couldn't resist, just look at the covers.. Don't you just love them..

See you all soon my darlings... Julie


  1. I just love your new creations. Off to look in your Etsy shop.

  2. Oh Julie - they are fabulous. As soon as I get another paycheck and if you have any available then, I'll be ordering!

  3. The brooches are so lovely, there is something medieval about them. I love the books and I to remember making those string and nail pictures. We were obviously both children of the 70's

  4. Oh your brooches are love love and the fabric pictures book! What a glorious find. x

  5. Beautiful brooches Julie - when you put the one on the bottom row,second from left as you look at the pic,blue scarf,smiley face, into your Etsy shop, I'm going to buy her as a birthday (tomorrow) present to myself!I've knitted the most perfect cowl that she will love living on and I know she'll have a lovely name too.


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