Sunday, 15 January 2012

Week 2. On my work bench.....

Remember my table from last week.... The idea started at Christmas, I had such lovely comments about the little papier mache girls that I had made as tree ornaments many people asked if I had made any of them as brooches... *A Light bulb moment
And here they are, this is what was on last weeks table the strange brown shapes  they turned into  these little darlings..
 ..little papier mache brooches each has a little bit of text picked out to describe their character.. I will be putting them in my etsy or bigcartel shop ASAP..

 If you look carefully you can read their 'names'.
These have been a joy to make and I will certainly be making some more in the future.. I just love the way their little characters developed as they where painted.
This part of the blog doesn't start well but read on.... Norman and I went to visit his mother yesterday at the nursing home in Brightlingsea.. She has Alzheimer's.  It was so upsetting she was in an awful pickle once again.. I could drone on about it but it isn't a pretty story for teatime on a Sunday..
So to cheer ourselves up after we sorted things out, and get the smell of the nursing home out of our nostrils, we took a long drive to Walton-on-the-Naze.. and walked along the beach, it was blowing a hooligan and the tide was coming in, wonderful, food for the sole.  

On the way back we called in at Frinton.. A strange, bonkers (as my friend and Frinton'ite Alison Stockmarr calls it)  seaside town..
In the window of the artisan bakers where these little gems... ALL MADE OUT OF BREAD... Would you believe..
 I just love them and thought you would too...
I'll post my beach finds along with my charity shop gems in a day or so.. 

I'm off to watch Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC's production of Sherlock. It is wonderful.


  1. Your brooches are so wonderful. When will you be putting them into your shops? I'm waiting on 'Sherlock' coming on too ....they're a great team aren't they and Una Stubbs is great as their landlady. Have a good week Julie.

  2. Hi Julie,
    I love your medieval looking brooches. And the baker's window is lovely! Glad you managed to have a reviving walk along the beach.

  3. ohh I love your brooches.. you have a lovely light touch to your painting.. they suit each other just right.. love their titles, too!!!

  4. These are brilliant! I hopped right over to etsy...I guess I beat you there...I was a CNA at a nursing home and worked with several alzheimers patients...I have a special place in my heart for them and their families...XO

  5. Great stuff - both on your bench and in the bakery!

  6. Your brooches are brilliant!! Sorry your visit with your MIL didn't go so well, but I love what you did afterwards (walk) and now I'm hungry for some sculpted bread...maybe a mouse!

  7. well dang if i don't love 'bitch', julie... hee!


  8. Love the brooches too !!!!! - and the bread - love to mum too xxx

  9. Wow, those are fantastic. They make me thing of a Hans Christian Andersen tale. The faces have great depth and the colors are deep and rich. Nice!

  10. What a great idea- the brooches are great, and I especially like the "labels" that describe their personalities. And that bread is too cute to eat!

  11. Just love the surprise -the faces are curious indeed.

  12. You are so full of great ideas. Hugs and Prayers J


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