Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Rain Rain go away, come back another day...

Such a rotten day here in Essex. Absolutely miserable.. Cold and wet!    Whilst in my shed feeling a little down in the dumps.. The weather getting me down, instead of doing what I had intended my imagination wandered...
Not much I know but it's a start...


  1. Please don't feel so sad. Tomorrow is another day..........xx

  2. Yup rain here too. See you 2morrow.
    X J Ps are they tongues???

  3. Here too - rain on top of snow that is now melted in the driveway to reveal the layer of ice. Getting out to work tomorrow will be easy, but getting back in? Hope you cheered up after working, it usually helps me.

  4. We get months of cold, wet and dreary days where I live so I know how it can be depressing. Cheerup!! This won't last forever. Hugs

  5. hi there,don't worry and try to enjoy the life

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  6. We NEED rain here. Hope you get some sunshine soon and your spirits lift.


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