Friday, 18 November 2011

Out of my comfort zone - Update

Well, to start with I was nearly nearly late... Would you believe it, my butterflies were going berserk.   Norman didn't manage to get home from work until 5.55pm, I need to leave at 6pm, so it was a quick hello and how was your day, a kiss..Dinner in in the oven sweetheart, and I was off.....

The traffic was still in the throws of rush hour... Always the way when your in a hurry... But with the traffic gods on my side I made it with a couple of minutes to spare..

Pam Schomberg met me and introduced me to a couple of fellow artists, then she had to make a dash, the main speaker Heidi Lichterman had got lost on the way to the studio's.. So there was time for me to catch my breath and meet a few people.

The wine flowed.. I wish I hadn't been driving..! 

I'm not very good about judging numbers, but, there must have been 60+ artists and crafts people there by the time we sat down... Deep breaths..

Heidi Lichterman was a wonderful, enthusiastic speaker, you would never have known that she had forgotten her notes.. How did she remember it all..? Her talk was about Cambridge Open Studios how they started to present day.. So interesting, they are in a different league, but lots of good ideas and advice to take on board.. 

I just wish that she had had a few minutes to talk about her work.. Another time perhaps.

The came the other speakers, Doug Selway, Daphne Sandham and me!  Listening to Doug, I though, sugar, I'm completely out of my depth... Help!  Daphne next, practical as ever, with lots of good helpful advice and marketing ideas for next year's open studios, then it was my turn... I explained how scary it was opening my studio these past two years, how naked (Not literally...Thank God I hear you say) I felt putting myself and my work on view.. I spoke about the wonderful people that visited and about the strange ones that made me laugh, one lady in particular said that my house was disappointing but the garden was OK, she hadn't come to see either me or my work, just wanted to be nosy... You have to laugh..

Then with a few more formalities, the most amazing supper, followed by the most wonderful desert chocolate cake I have ever eaten...

There were so many wonderful people there and not enough time to talk to them.. I did meet up with a lovely friend Ellen Deval, when it was time to leave Ellen invited me to see her studio.. Enjoy.. 
What a wonderful evening it turned out to be, why was I so worried... Must get back to reading that book...


  1. ........and next time it will be EASY! Go you Good Thing!

  2. How nice to meet so many arty people like yourself. Love Ellen's studio, its just up my street, all that vintage lace! Don't worry about negative comments some people just don't know how to be positive. love your home and studio....xx

  3. Hi Julie,

    Thank you for sharing this. I love discovering new artists,as well as hearing about how the anxieties of putting yourself out there as an artist are endured and overcome, and then we laugh at how we let our courage sway. I am thrilled for you, get back to that book.

    Also thanks for introducing me to Pam's work, my heart and muse are singing with glee!

  4. Oh how brave you are!!! so excellent!! and how wonderful to have such a large interested turnout.. . people of a common mind to exchange ideas, methods and future plans... I am so glad you shared this.


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