Thursday, 17 November 2011

Way.... Way out of my comfort zone

I am so nervous.... 

A few weeks ago I was asked by Pam Schomberg to give a little talk about opening my studio earlier in the year...She has assured me that it won't be too nerve racking and that everyone will be kind, but that doesn't help my nerves.  The evening has arrived.... I'm shaking in my boots...                                  

It was strange the way it happened...  Coincidences do happen... I had recently read about a brilliant book; ‘Id rather be in the studio’, by Alyson Stanfield which apparently gave a lot of information about taking the steps from being a closet artist to becoming more professional. Being someone who is full of self doubt, and no courage, I promptly ordered it from the local library... Too tight to buy it?  ... It's an expensive book!!!!..  It turned out to be inspiring and hand-holding and helpful, she talks about being pro-active, and that it's up to the 'artist/me' to basically get of their proverbial arse and do something about it and not wait in the studio for 'it' to happen...'It' won't... So here go's..

Would any artist/crafts people like to join me at Cuckoo Farm Studios this evening.. I can give you a lift from Wivenhoe. It's free.. Let me know asap.

I shall be leaving around 6pm.. email, or ring me..


Cuckoo Farm Studios 

Presents the first event in our yearlong going Cuckoo programme.

Thursday 17th November 2011, 6.30pm at the 
Benham Gallery
Heidi Lichterman ( ) discusses the Open Studios in Cambridge.
Three local artists, from Wivenhoe, Dovercourt and Mistley talk about their Open Studio experiences.

Followed by a homemade supper in the Benham Gallery.
The talk and discussion is free (booking via  is essential). Supper is £7 (£5 for CFS Tenants and Associates.)
Heidi has been involved in Open Studios in Cambridge since the concept began and will be looking at the way they have developed through a process of trial and error. Doug Selway, Daphne Sandham and Julie Howe will look at Colchester and Tendring Open Studios and how it has affected them. Open discussion will be encouraged.

Do come and join us in our very first event at Cuckoo Farm Studios.

going Cuckoo
celebrating 20 years of Cuckoo Farm Studios.

Wish me luck... I have so many butterflies... Send me some courage..

... Did I buy the book in the end... Yes! It's inspiring.. Well, it's encouraging me out of my comfort zone for sure...


  1. Hope it went well.......I'm sure it did!

  2. You will have a fantastic time! I wish you lots of luck - just remember to breathe and smile and slow down if you start racing!!! But you won't I'm sure!!! Xxx

  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening - though I can certainly relate to your butterflies. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly. All the best!

  4. Hi Julie - I would have loved to have been there to hear your presentation - hope you will write all about it. The book sounds brilliant must see if I can get it. I guess it all boils down to if you want something then sitting on the bum padding ain't gonna do it.

  5. Good luck! The thing about teaching: I am forced to do this EVERY WEEK. I'm usually a bit nervous at the start of every semester, until I get to know the group, and then sometimes later if I do a special workshop for them, as I did yesterday - the bookbinding workshop. After 16 years, you'd think I wouldn't be? Might it mean we might have a good dose of humility? Not so bad!

  6. I know exactly how this feels about announcing to the world what we do and where we do it.. .. and it is so necessary to "Just Do It" as scary as it feels it might be.. it is worth it.. I still get nervous and scared tho.. goes with the territory..
    Wish I could Be at the Talk.. The very best

  7. wish I could come ! You are very lucky to have such a group close by you . Sock it to them gal !!!! you'll be fine .Perhaps you could post a text version here for us poor souls who live too far away would love to hear it !! How are you ? Did you get my email by the way? !!!
    Take care !x

  8. All went well Julie and it was a great evening :o) Thank you for your company...and my lift home....I think I will order that book from the library, as it sounds encouraging!
    Ellen x


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