Friday, 2 September 2011

An angel.. A postcard update .... And dates for Open studio's...

I have been working on a project which I'd tentatively started a few weeks ago, you might remember some little hand made dresses which I'd pinned to my notice board a few weeks ago that I called  developing wings . At the same time I met an artist called Barbara Morrison who asked me to help her with her MA by making two postcards for the project she was working on... Which I was delighted to take part in.  I continued to run with the theme which was developing, I called the post cards..'Lost children'   

The work has continued to develop... It's been very therapeutic as I've been trying to get my head around all the sadness that I've been struggling with.
'The sad angel' is all part of this work, she just needed to be made...
Postcard project update:  The 'Lost children' have arrived safely... Amazingly in one piece.. Good old Royal Mail..
'Whisper'                          'Breath'
These were the two I sent to Barbara and in return she has sent me...
 'In my dreams I can dance still'
There are so many layers to this piece, the photo does not do it justice.. I am so excited about how this project is going to develop.. I'll let you know as soon as I have any news.
OPEN STUDIOS happens in a couple of weeks, I've popped a link in the top left hand corner, so just click for times dates, maps etc..
I would love to see you.. Please come for a chat, I might be able to find you a cup of tea and a biscuit if your lucky...


  1. Julie I love your sad angel and can't wait for open studio xxx - love in my dreams i can still dance too xxxx

  2. I'm so happy with your work on 'lost children', making art out of your deepest feelings is touching (and therapeutic).

  3. I love the wistful "Sad Angel" and the postcards are beautiful, too.

  4. hope you ok and you can make it to Norwich print fair one Sat so we can grab a sandwich together .Some lovely varied work so sure it would lift your spirits.What dates your os ? Mandy x


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