Wednesday, 24 August 2011

'Lost Children'.. The MA student and two postcards

Two weeks ago I was invited to the new Firstsite gallery in Colchester to meet an artist,  Barbara Morrison who is working towards her MA she asked if I would like to help her with two projects... A parcel tag project about names ... I was a bit slow with the parcel tags and forgot to take pictures before I sent them off to her...  
And a postcard project.
For the postcard project I had to make two postcards in any media about anything and send them through the post to her home in West Mersea by the end of August.. 
Here are my efforts I hope that firstly they make it through the post and secondly that she likes them...

These two postcards started off about childhood then as the work developed, it took a different turn.... Once again my work is about loss...
'Lost Children no 1 - 'Breathe'
This is made from papier mache,  a paper doll dress or a pattern for a child's dress. 
(Close up)
 'Lost children 2 - Whisper'
For this piece I have used one of the little dresses I was making the other week.. I think I showed it pinned up on my  notice board in the studio.  I painted it with gesso and added a little plaster for texture,  several coats of paint then as above  it was attached to gesso'd backing fabric.  I have also stitched both cards with a red thread...(According to mythology the Gods tie an invisible red thread around the ankles of those destined to meet..)
The thread served a dual purpose one as a link to other work and secondly to hold the backing paper to the work.
(Close up)
Barbara will keep 'Lost Children no 1 - Breathe', but will return 'Lost Children no 2 - Whisper' to me. If they make it through the Royal Mail postal system.... Fingers crossed.
A little taster .....'Nightmares'..
.... Something I'm working on, don't know quite where it's leading... 


  1. oh my gosh, julie, 'lost children 2' has my heart... every *every* thing about it seems perfect to me. and those wings!! oh! utter perfection! xoxo

  2. I ADORE your work on LOSS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. it speaks so Deeply to me xxxxxxxxxxx


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