Thursday, 18 August 2011

Art dolls for sale...

 L- R......... 'They Moved', 'Beval', 'Nash' and in the little paper boat 'Mask'.

'They Moved' is from my little Paper Houses collection.  The art doll is a stump doll made from quilters muslin and paperclay, she has been painted with acrylic paints and finished with matt varnish.  Her little papier mache house has been made with some pages from a vintage copy of  'Wind in the Willows, it has been finished with some stitching, a sweetheart window above the door.

'Beval' and 'Nash' are small paperclay sculptures from my Weird Heads series.

'Mask'' is one of my Sail boats and Theatricals collection, the 'Mask' is a stump art doll made from quilters muslin and paperclay, he has been painted with acrylic paints and finished with matt varnish.  His little papier mache boat has been finished with waves made from a vintage map a muslin sail and a vintage button.

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  1. They are AMAZING !!! as always - love the discriptions and names etc x

  2. Very impressive! Your "Nash" looks like people must have looked in times when only very few rich individuals had mirrors. People then had a very different, "wild" expression on their faces. It can still be seen on old photographs.

  3. Julie... Your imaginative twist in these dolls is just plain inspiring! Oh how I have missed seeing your work! This grouping is delightful. You are our "Friday's Favorite" over at Woodstown Whimsies. Warmest Wishes, Daryle

  4. All of these pieces are amazing. I love your style and plan on being a frequent visitor to your site.

  5. My first visit, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself - such lovely work! I look forward to another visit another day. Thank you

  6. Oh my! These are truly beautiful ;-)


  7. You have done an astonishing job Julie.

    What I like about your creations is that your style is very distinctive.
    I hope you sell! sell! sell!!!!!!

  8. Those are so cool. I really love the gal w/ the little house-so clever!

  9. Hey Julie Lovely work as always. AND Igotmybook, Igotmybook!!!! Jumping up and down with joy. I blogged and took pictures you know where to visit!
    Thank you.
    xxx's Joan


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