Tuesday, 12 July 2011

 Here he is, finally got to print this little fellow... 
Tried mixing a 'vintage green'... I'm not too sure of the colour...
First finished bunting hanging up in my overgrown... I'll re-phrase....Natural garden.


  1. Amazing Julie - Well done xx

  2. Another lovely print, and I adore your natural garden! ♥

  3. Love it, Julie...just love it and how I envy your lovely garden, wild as it is...should be. Our parched landscape here in West Texas needs some of that rain and green. The banners look marvelous!

  4. Love,Love,Love!...especially the colours....so different from wishy-washy pastels. Great job, Julie.

  5. love the print Juliex lynda

  6. Awesome bunting, just love it and natural gardens rule.........

    Claire :}


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