Monday, 11 July 2011

I'm off .......On an urgent mission..... 'Big knickers'

...... For my dear mother in law,  Yesterday we visitied Frances, she is 83, and has been in a nursing home with altzeimers for almost 4 years steadily getting worse....She has no idea who we are, or who she is, .......We have to smile... (That's how we cope). 

Frances get's upto 'tricks' (career's words, not mine) as her illness deteriorates, she constantly folds tissues, and tucks them in all maner of places, hundreds of them, draws full, cupboards full....  She also wanders around the nursing home and picking up books or anything that's shiney.... And hids them..  

The latest development with her illness is that she has accidents... Several times a day,  somewhere in her mind she knows that she shouldn't, but of course she doesn't understand.... So she hids the evidence.... We can't find her knickers, or trousers for that matter, she should have lots and lots.... Yesterday I couln't find a single pair..... So I'm off to town to buy big knickers..  I shall need strong arms... We need lots... There will be a shortage of big pants in Essex...

On a brigher note.. A sailor went to sea, sea, sea..
I'm hooked on bunting, haven't printed this one yet but having fun making the plates.


  1. Best bunting I`ve seen so far!
    Poor Frances - it`s such a nasty,horrible undignified curse of a disease - wish they could find a cure.
    Hope you found some nice comfy knicks for her.

  2. We are going through the same thing with my m-i-l - just diagnosed with dementia at 84, but she's been deteriorating for a number of years. It's hard to watch a previously bright, vibrant person shrink (in all ways) and to witness their personality just bleed away. It happens so fast! I feel blessed that my own mother at nearly 87 is as sharp as a tack!
    Good luck on the Big Knicker hunt!

    Love your sailor - do I spy fish in his beard?

  3. Hey Julie, good luck with your big knicker buying trip.........

    I work in aged care, in the kitchen and not as a carer. It's sad seeing the effect alzheimer's and dementia has on people, but then there are funny little moments that can make you smile as well.

    I love bunting and your sailor looks amazing, have had a lovely visit here, shall be back to see the sailor printed.

    Claire :}

  4. I'm not sure what a bunting is, but I like the design. And I hope you find lots of pants for your mother-in-law.


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