Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wivehoe May Fair

Our very own 'mini' Glastonbury...
We hope against hope for good weather, with our fingers crossed for sunshine.  It worked!  The sky was blue and the sun shone brightly, just look at King George's field... who would believe it..... Several thousand people young and old just chilling and having a good time.
Everyone meeting up with  friends, young and old alike.....long time no see, hugs and kisses from friends united once again... Together with manly handshakes of course.
To our delight 'Hot club Gitane' were playing in one of the tents, we sat down at the alloted time.. (on the grass, no chairs here) and were enthralled once again with their musical delights.... Hope to see them again soon...
While the band played I watched this wonderful fellow teaching dance. he was amazing, gently leading his partners' and making it look ooooooh, so easy.  We a chat with him after, such a character, so gentle and so encouraging, said that everyone could learn to dance.  We suggested he started giving dance lessons in the town.  I'm sure they would go down fantastically.  He was amazing.. I want my name to be first on the list.. Maybe I shall learn to dance at last.
There were lots of stalls, people selling all manor of things, second hand clothing, bric -a-brack and vintage items, hand made soap and cake..... (No I didn't have any)

I love to see the VW vans and what ideas their owners have come up with.. Above, a coffee shop.
This green one sold amazing food... It looked so good, the van and the food!
This is Owen or rather David Wyn Tudor Owen.  Wow! What a name!  Another wonderful character at the fair.   I sold all of my pottery equipment to this fellow two or three years ago when I had to give up the studio.. I was so glad to hear that the kiln is still working and that he is enjoying his work... If anyone is interested in his beautiful pots 
tel: 07533301037 he certainly doesn't charge enough, so if you'd like a bargain - A wonderful hand thrown mug or jug, just give him a call. Great chap, and great pots.

Well with music in my ears... I'm off back to the grind.... Well sketch book... 

I feel a little brighter now, I can't stay gloomy for long.... Perhaps I'll get some birthday cards tomorrow, better late than never, eh!


  1. Sounds like your very own Birthday Party !!! how Wonderful xx

  2. Looks like a fun day........and look at all that sunshine! Not like the England I know and love (just kidding)
    My lovely little collage/painting was waiting here when I got back from the USA- thanks you so much - it's beautiful! I sent you an email (did you get it?)


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