Friday, 3 June 2011

Mirror Dingy - Collagraph print

A new collagraph print that I shall be taking to 'Art on the Railings', 
St Mary's Church, Wivenhoe 9am Saturday 4th June.
Collagraph plate

Please come along if you can and say hello...


  1. That is gorgeous, I wish we were nearer. The plate is as much a work of art as the print.

  2. What an interesting technique! Looks gorgeous. Love the design.

  3. Sorry Julie I could not see an email address box.

    Thanks for you linkedin invite, but I do not have an account there, if I do get one I will add you too. Also my rocket mail email has changed, you can find a new address on my site.

    Happy creating, I love your work as ever!

  4. I like this side of your work. -J

  5. Very nice collagraph! What did you use to make the plate? I hope you don't mind my asking; I've never done collagraph, but am thinking about it. I love your work, and the inspiring variety of techniques!

  6. Julie Please delete this after you read it .
    I was going to surprise you with a little gift but I can't find your address. could you please send me your full name and full address to .
    when you get the gift just act surprise :)


  7. Hi Julie hope you sold this one its lovely!

  8. Hi Julie,
    I love your work and the textures are wonderful on the print. I also like your faces too. I will hop over and take a look at your shop.

    Best wishes,

    Jo May.


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