Thursday, 17 March 2011

Winkle brig

Winkle Brig
Working on two new collagraph plates today
 Barnacle Goose 
The reason for making this collagraph plate I read this -  

The barnacle goose gets its name from an old notion that it began life in a shell, growing on a seashore ‘barnacle tree.’ 

How could I resist making a Barnacle goose plate.. Just need to get on and finish both of these plates, between making ginger bread biscuits and the washing... What shall I do first?... Biscuits... They are in the oven.. Smelling delicious...


  1. Fresh cookies + two plates with a hint of ocean breeze in them, that´s a pleasant constellation... - + thanks for your funny comment - don´t worry, there will be other give-aways...;)

  2. These are really striking Julie. I really love the brig...I am trying to see how you made them...what you used. I am also a little jealous of your gingerbread...sounds delicious.:)


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