Wednesday, 16 March 2011

2nd Clue - UPDATE- I have two winners..

CONGRATULATIONS - Susie from  susiemcmahondolls and Marja-Leena from marja-leena-rathje you both have won a little gift....Do have a look at both of their blogs both are wonderful... Congratulations girls... Now I've got to go and find your surprises... I'm organised as usual... Not!

Thank you to all those that played my little Jack Frost game.

Mean while, I found this in the garden..
(Amongst the weeds... that are growing so fast)
 ....An amazing phallic hyacinth.  
It's just amazing what the Spring brings......

 Then a quick studio update... 
Finally moving my 'stuff' in, keeping the broom handy of course...
I did intended to throw out a lot of stuff... 
That didn't happen.... A carrier bag was the final amount.

Clue no 1 - METAL - Congratulations nanagogo - You got clue no.1

Clue no. 2 -  I can travel, but not but not without help..   

No picture this time.... That would make it too easy...


  1. Is it frost on the windsceen of your car?? You are driving me NUTS!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS TO Susie and Marja-Leena...

    You both got it right, it's my car roof taken from an upstairs bedroom... Surprises as soon as I hear from you. ~ Julie x

  3. Congatulations to Susie and Marja-Leena. I got here too late!

  4. Oh! I wasn't expecting any surprises other than finding the answer! How sweet.

    Hope it's warming up over there, as well as here for spring is long overdue!

  5. Hi, Julie
    It's Teresa in Cloth and Clay. Well, I know how to get a button from another blog. I clicked on the button and clicked 'save as' and downloaded it into my computer files. But from that point I tried browsing from my blog on my downloads and the button ended up on my comment section, which I know was totally not right. So I deleted it. Maybe you can figure it out and let me know.
    All I wanted to do was post it on my sidebar, and I have no clue how to go about that. I even went to the 'help' section and couldn't figure it out from there.
    Oh, well. I'm sure I'll figure it out at some point.
    Hope you do better than I do.


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