Monday, 21 March 2011


Last weekend we helped move our darling daughter and her family to Somerset. Their nearest town is Glasonbury, she can see the Glastonbury Tor from her bedroom window. It is a sight for sore eyes.
Glastonbury High Street
While the stronger members (the men folk) of the family continued unpacking the van, it is a cheaper way to move yourself but I don't think that they will do it again....   We popped in to Glastonbury for the usual milk and bread, we stopped for drinks at a lovely little cafe, and while we drank our tea, my grandson looked on, fascinated at the colourful extravagance of the Faery folk that were milling around the town.
On the steps of the Town Hall were these wonderful fellows, they were getting ready for their Faery Ball, this young man's music was haunting.... I wish I could find a link so that you could share the wonderful experience.


  1. Cool, Spring Equinox in Glastonbury... right up my alley! It looks like he is playing a double Native American flute, or is it a triple? The double is one of my favorite instruments. I would like to own one one day..... The sound is quite amazing and quite huanting!

  2. Julie, how lovely. I visited England many years ago and I fell in love, on top of the fact that y'all speak English!! LOL Isn't there something mysterious tied up with Glasonbury tower or am I watching too much PBS and BBC America????? I recall there was something about the Templar Knights.

    Regardless, it looks like your daughter and her family have settled in a gorgeous area...I'm so jealous!! It's so green and lush and I live in the desert Southwest part of the U.S., however, the desert has it's own beauty and lure...this time of year, we take long walks out in it before it gets too hot and the rattle snakes are active and you can cook on the dirt!! LOL Ok, slight exaggeration, but it gets plenty hot out here!!

    Have a great week.


  3. Oh Glastonbury what a lovely place to live.... I hope your daughter and her family will be very happy there. Just think how great it will be to go to the pop festival there......x See you soon at first site xx

  4. Love your post on Glastonbury.Wishing your daughter and her family happiness in their new life. Can you check the date for the contempory craft meeting i think it is on the 30th of March, you said in your comment to Cherry you will see her this Wednesday xx

  5. Wow, this post brings back many memories for me. I spent a little time in Glastonbury when i was younger ( i lived half way between Street and Glastonbury), and it was truly an amazing time : )
    Thank you for sharing this, i hope your daughter and her family are very happy in their new home xx

  6. Julie, wonderful photos! Your grandson is adorable!

  7. We visited Devon not long ago, its all new for me there, I come from New Zealand, and I love all the old stuff here in europe, but especially the english old stuff :) I didnt get to Glastonbury but it was on my list, I hope to go there next time. If I am lucky the fairy people will be there again :)


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