Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pinch and a Punch for the first of the month...

...And I am still pinching myself...

We visited the local Auctions the other Saturday, just because it was rainy and we couldn't get on with the studio, and quite by chance we happened to see these three treasures, well in fact we saw four... One got away.
A pen and ink drawing signed Laura Knight
 A pencil sketch signed Vanessa Bell
 And a watercolour signed Edward Wolfe

The Laura Knight is my favorite, she has been a hero of mine for many a year, her sketches dance on the page here is a link  to see more of her work.  Dame Laura Knight was made a Associate of the RA in 1928, being only the second woman after Anne Surymerton.

The Vanessa Bell drawing is foxed but I love it just the same here is a link to Charleston -  Vanessa Bell's home where you can see more of her work and that of other Bloomsbury Group artists.  If you ever get a chance to go to Charleston House, go... It is wonderful.

The Edward Wolfe is one that we brought because my darling loved it, we think that it is of the River Thames but we need to do some research. We think he was also one of the Bloomsbury Group.

As for the one that got away.... A Henry Moore sketch..... Gutted!


  1. Love your finds. Its a lovely feeling when you find a bargain ..x

  2. goodness me! what a find, I love the work of Dame laura Knight and that sketch is just beautiful.

  3. Julie, these are awesome finds! WOW!!! My fave is also the Laura Knight one - love the sense of motion/freedom



  4. Wonderful
    thank you for sharing

  5. Dame Laura Knight is a favourite with me too Julie. Lucky you. Sorry you missed one though. That is the trouble with auctions - other people always get in the way..haha. I find the whole Bloomsbury Group era absolutely fascinating and would love to go and visit the house. What characters they were.


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