Monday, 14 March 2011

"What did Jack Frost dance on this morning?"

Can anyone guess what my photograph is of, a surprise for the first correct answer..?... 

I want to know.... "What did Jack Frost dance on this morning?"

... Do you need a clue or two?

I'm off to the studio to do some more clearing up... I shall soon be up and running... Hip! Hip! Hurrah! 

If you want to see progress pictures of the studio look at the studio up-date page on the right.


  1. Hi Julie,
    Love your angel, the colors, the mood, just wonderful!

  2. Oh, your studio is looking fabulous, I'm green with envy! And was it the skylight on its roof that Jack Frost painted on? That would have been a perfect kind of christening.

    We miss our daughter and granddaughters over there in England, a lot farther than yours is, if that's any consolation....

  3. would it be the studio roof light? Very pretty where ever it was!


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