Monday, 27 September 2010

A castle and an ancient house...

We went to a wedding at the weekend......It was wonderful, a candle lit ceremony  held in Heddingham castle, which was build in 1140AD,  it is still owned and lived in by the descendants of the original owners, the 
de Vere family. 
The reception was held in the the Queen Anne House, which was constructed in 1720. 

Everything was perfect....a fairytale wedding.
Now let's get on with the important stuff, I know that your not interested in my friends wedding... Lovely as it was...
..So... here are some of the amazing pictures all painted on wood several hundred years ago, they still look as fresh and as the day they were painted. Don't you just love this guy above, he was my favorite. 
Wouldn't you love to know their stories, just sitting there on the walls watching us....I know I would.
The house is not usually open to visitors so we felt very privileged to see them...
Lastly... I couldn't resist showing you this lion who helps prop up the mantle-shelf, how great is he? He looked as if he'd been carved last year instead of almost 400 years ago.  I think he looks a bit like an ape... with human cheeks... I don't suppose the stone masons of the time saw many lions....
Now as you may have guessed I want to paint on wood... another thing to add to my ever growing list of things to do...

You should see the bathrooms.... Amazing....and bigger than my lounge!!! 

...I'm now off to get more needles stuck into my neck.... my final acupuncture treatment... I hope that it works this time. No doll making or painting today, more's the pity.

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  1. When I paint in oils, I paint on wood panels. I LOVE the smooth surface. At one time I wanted such a smooth surface that I painted on glass - which was great, but had its disadvantages, like one scratch and the painting was ruined. Or the obvious - breakage. Then I painted on plexi glass, which didn't break but also had that glassy smooth surface. Now, smooth wood. I love the glide of the brush over that incredibly prepared surface... have fun when you get to trying it!


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