Tuesday, 28 September 2010

'Our Little Castles' A new series of art dolls

 'Their Own Home'

Introducing 'Their Own Home' ~ a unique little art doll just 10cm tall made from quilters muslin and paper clay then painted in my usual way.. paint.. sand.. paint... sand.. paint...varnish.
The little 'castle' is made from vintage pages from a children's book it has has fabric and stitched details there are loose threads, which give a sense of life to the little home.
Each piece is free standing and signed by me Julie.
The little 'Castle' even has a back door.
For sale in ' My Curiosity Shop'  


  1. I'm so glad to see your dolls again! They are unique! In fact some months ago they attracted my attention and became the reason to follow your blog! Is there a secret message written on the house?:-)

  2. So quaintly quirky.........or is it quirkily quaint?

  3. i love the little castle they live in !! and the back door - delightful

  4. They are such fun. Love them.

  5. Julie they look so cool. love the lil castle too...have a great week!!


  6. Very cool Julie! She is too sweet!

  7. Hi Julie missed you at Contemporary Art today!! Loving the new dolls. Cherry Linda and I all swapped stuff. Can we make a swap a regular thing, Please? xxx's Joan

  8. The simplicity of the shapes married with the complexity of the designs make for powerful images. Love these pieces.


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