Friday, 24 September 2010

Uses for an egg box..

How many I wonder...?
Wyrd heads... Waiting...
We are off to a wedding tomorrow.... A little sunshine wouldn't go a miss... I have my fingers and toes crossed.

Have a good weekend everyone,


  1. Wow !! - love the heads !! have fun at the Wedding - how exciting x

  2. they look lovely

    Nice weekend

  3. Awesome idea Julie, Have a great weekend!!

  4. Ha! The egg carton full of heads is just delightful! Can't wait to see them all assembled with proper bodies! Happy Autumn! Daryle

  5. Wishing you sunshine for the weekend!

    You are really using your head (hee) with that
    egg carton!


  6. Happy as usual to have news from you Julie!
    I love the idea of putting the heads in a an eggs' box. A nice way to exhibit the little heads.
    How are things Julie?

  7. I have a few egg cartons saved over the years...I find them invaluable! They are great for holding, supporting, storing, etc., as you know! yay for the egg carton!

  8. Those heads are great! And the egg box idea is a good tip!


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