Monday, 1 March 2010

My heart still aches.....

I send my thoughts on a journey across the sea
I call to the sky and shout to the stars
I whisper to the wind... take a message to her please

I whisper, can you hear me?
I shout to you....
Can you hear me call your name?
My mind is in a dance
My thoughts never rest

A pink dawn arrives quietly
Frost touches the ground
I shout to the daybreak......

....... are the birds singing...
Julie Howe

Samantha 1980-2002

(It's Tuesday 2nd March here in the UK. It would have been my daughter's 30th birthday)


  1. Very pretty...Have a great week.


  2. To lose a child must be the most terrible thing - I can't even imagine but I can sympathize with you. The poem you posted is so poignant.



  3. Mum,
    This is a beautiful poem you have written and it confronts me with the pain you still endure daily. I admire your strength
    Nicole xxx

  4. I love the poem , extremely touching .
    From getting to know you she must have been a great and wonderful person.
    May I wish a happy B-day to your Daughter?
    Take care dear friend .


  5. I can't imagine... Your words speak volumes. Prayers for you in this time of need, love, and bear hugs too!

  6. Oh Julie Of course your heart still aches Mine aches for you just thinking of your loss. Hugs Julie

  7. Oh Julie it does not seem like eight years. Thinking of you this sad month.

  8. Hi Julie

    I was by today and read your words.

    I send my energy and love for you.



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