Friday, 12 March 2010

'On a brighter note'

What a strange few days........ they get very dark sometimes don't they?... in your head I mean... good job I have my family whom I thank from the bottom of my heart and of course my work... where would I be without them ..... ??

On a brighter note... this is what I've been up to a mixed media piece consisting of paperclay, papier mache, a watch face, a golden heart from a broken necklace together with wire and lots of patience this is what I've come up with.

'My Heart is Empty'

It is a free standing piece approx 4.5" x 3.25"

This little mixed media piece sums up how I've felt this past few days/years. Making work like this is not depressing it's quite cathartic in many ways, a kind of cleansing, emotionally and psychologically, laying to rest some of my ghosts.... some would say.

I have made another slightly larger one but, my lovely son has got my camera once again. I will post a picture or two as soon as it shows up again.

It sounds as if I have been depressed as I write this, but I haven't, just thoughts of what should have been...... bear with me I've just been having a moment that's all.. and I'm getting it together once again... that's if I ever can.........

(I would like to say a special 'thank you' to those that left kind thoughts on my last post


  1. Ur not alone we all have days like that. Like the piece alot. Have a great weekend.


  2. Hello, I have just read your last post, what a beautiful poem. I think you are a very brave lady, and it is wonderful how you have expressed your feelings in this piece of art.
    Warmest wishes to you.

  3. Thoughts are with you, we are blessed with creative skills to help us, Thankfully. x

  4. I have been siting here thinking of some thing to write .
    All that keeps popping in my head is that I am honored to be following your blog and getting little glimpses of your art and life .

    from across the see BIG hugs

  5. Dear Julie, hope our wonderful production will make you smile, I think you are one of those who hasn't come to see it yet.

    You are not the only one to have these "dark" moments. I am just seeing the end of the tunnel I think.I have been very low these last weeks too. I think the long and very cold winter hasn't helped much either.Our body and minds need light and warmth.
    Spring is coming back Julie!There is light and hope.
    All my love to you.

  6. Dear Julie, I popped in to see what you've been up to and to let you know (I couldn't remember if I'd already left you a comment or not) that your lovely OWOH piece arrived safe. I've just read your last post and am sending heartfelt hugs. My oldest would be turning 10 in May this year...she was stillborn and not a day goes by without my thinking of her. Sending all my love.

  7. Hi Julie, I have now sorted out why I could not comment on your blog. I hope the brighter weather will lift your spirt but sometimes you need to let your feelings come to the surface. Your work is so beautiful and so very different. Hopefully when the weather gets a little better I will come down to Carol's and come and see your work.


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